Social Media: The Cornerstone of Financial Firms in the 21st Century

Hi class, Just wanted to share this article that I came across. We all know the impact of social media on firms especially those in the FMCG sector, but its interesting how this article shows us how social media is becoming increasingly important even to Financial firms. The example brought up is Ritholtz Wealth Management and this companyContinue reading “Social Media: The Cornerstone of Financial Firms in the 21st Century”

G1 Individual Research Project – UBER

Hello to all! I hope everyone is pressing on towards the end of the semester. (: The organization I chose for my individual project is UBER, and I’m sure many of us are familiar with it and its wonderful services. Through my analysis of Uber and its performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I haveContinue reading “G1 Individual Research Project – UBER”

Facebook and governmental & news agencies

Hi everyone! On 23rd March, diner Rita Lim posted a complaint about a rat she encountered at Waterway Point, which prompted an investigation by NEA to conduct hygiene checks across the mall less than a week later. This is a sign of how communication methods have changed with the use of social media. A commentContinue reading “Facebook and governmental & news agencies”