G2 | Group 7 | DrX Medispa


Since 1999, The DRx Group has been pioneering Singapore’s medical aesthetics scene. The DRx Group is a Singapore based non-surgical aesthetics company, which consists of The DRx Clinic, The DRx Medispa, Derma-Rx and their award-winning DRx Trichology Centre. For our Social Media Research Project, we will predominantly focus on The Drx Medispa.

DRx Medispa offers a range of treatments for their customers, such as deep cleansing facial procedures that are designed by the doctors at The DRx Clinic. The majority of their treatment facials focuses on therapeutic effects based on advanced medical science and spa technology, and are targeted at female customers. However, despite having a substantially large customer base, The Drx Medispa’s social media platforms are inactive and do not encourage interaction between the brand and its customers.

Hence, our research question is:

How can social media help The Drx Medispa increase brand awareness and perception among their target audience? 

Our group will be focusing on the current social media channels that The Drx Medispa already have and conduct both qualitative and quantitative data analysis, in order to ascertain how The DRx Medispa can better utilise these channels. We also aim to propose other social media strategies targeted at the social media platforms, in order to increase interaction and engagement with current and potential customers.

Thank you!

Nakiran, Timothy, Qian Tong, Si Han, Venice


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