G2 – Group 7 – DRx Medispa (Project Summary)

Hi all,

Here is an overview of our group’s project on DRx Medispa.


The DRx Group is a non-surgical aesthetics company and a pioneer in the Singapore medical aesthetics scene, and consists of 4 business units: The DRx Clinic, DRx Medispa, Derma-Rx Skincare and DRx Trichology Centre. For our project, we have narrowed the focus of our analysis and strategy formulation to DRx Medispa.

The DRx Medispa is a hybrid between a healthcare and a cosmetic facility, offering an extensive array of facial treatment based on advanced spa technology, combined with pharmaceutical-grade equipment. Facial procedures are specially tailored by medical doctors at The DRx Clinic, and include necessary trademarked Derma-Rx serums and products, according to the customer’s skin concerns.

However, despite DRx Medispa possessing a strong physical customer following, the medi-spa has an incomplete approach towards social media (SM) and is less active and attentive on their SM platforms (Instagram and Facebook). Also, DRx Medispa’s SM pages are not distinguished from the other business units, and posts regarding other business units often appear on DRx Medispa’s SM pages. Also, the social media pages of the business units of The DRx Group lack a clear distinction, and might be a source of confusion amongst potential customers that are unfamiliar with the brand.

We carried out both qualitative research, via a first-hand interview with one of The DRx Group’s Marketing Associates, Jill Rivera, and quantitative research, by analyzing and observing DRx Medispa’s SM platforms over a 2-month period. The interview allowed us to understand DRx Medispa’s customer demographics and competitors within the medi-spa industry. We also completed a SWOT analysis, in order to better curate our strategies.

Based on our research, our group has formulated three strategies to help DRx Medispa tap the potential of its SM platforms, in creating positive word-of-mouth evangelism and enhancing audience engagement with its customers. These strategies are centered on 3 clear objectives:

  1. Increasing DRx Medispa’s social media following in 2016
  2. Generate a word-of-mouth effect for DRx Medispa
  3. Increase DRx Medispa two-way SM engagement

Our proposed strategies will utilise the following 3 SM platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Additionally, our strategies will be based on the message strategy “Hope and Intimacy”, which are universal values that DRx Medispa could strive for. Our strategies (& sample mockups) thus entail:

  • Hashtag Campaign: #LadiesDayOutWithDRxMedispa


  • Customers as Brand Ambassadors for DRx Medispa


  • Snapchat Influencer Campaign


We look forward to sharing more of our findings and proposal with you in class!


Venice, Qian Tong, Nakiran, Timothy and Si Han


One thought on “G2 – Group 7 – DRx Medispa (Project Summary)

  1. vanjill rivera is an absolute whore. mistress of KP Poh. cheat on people’s money and cheat on her degree while she didnt even finish her degree in MDIS.


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