Facebook and the Network Effect

In class, we discussed how simplicity and open API were key factors in Facebook’s rise and domination of the social media arena. This article by The New York Times discusses how it is now the network effect which helps Facebook retain their position as the number one social media platform. Although the benefits of network effects have been reduced forContinue reading “Facebook and the Network Effect”

The surprising reason why CEOs should be social media savvy

In the past semester, we learnt how to devise and craft social media strategies for firms by looking at both internal factors such as the firm’s manpower, networks and advertising competency, and external factors such as consumer purchase behaviours and crisis management, with a focus on the firm’s employees and their actions. However, a commentaryContinue reading “The surprising reason why CEOs should be social media savvy”

Western content now heading to Chinese social media feeds

I came across this article http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/13/western-content-is-heading-to-chinese-social-media-feeds.html, which detailed how a recent tie-up between local social media platforms (eg; Weibo) and Yoola (a digital content distributor owned by YouTube) will bring selected content, mostly from the US and Russia, into the Chinese market. One of the few aims of this endeavour, is to help influencers gain tractionContinue reading “Western content now heading to Chinese social media feeds”