Group 1 – The Coastal Settlement

Hi everyone!

We’re Group 1 from G1 and our organisation of choice is The Coastal Settlement.

What is The Coastal Settlement?

It is a vintage-themed restaurant/cafe/bar located near the coast of Changi. It was established in 2011 under the Urban Group Company and was the first cafe to be set up along Netheravon Road.

What is the Target Group For The Coastal Settlement?

From our interviews, we’ve gathered that the cafe aims to target:

  1. Students and adults who wish to find a comfortable place to work out of office.
  2. Families with children
  3. People looking for a place to host events of any nature.
  4. Workshop enthusiasts.
  5. The local community in Changi

Why Did We Choose The Coastal Settlement?

We chose it because our group believes that the restaurant has the potential to grow into something more than just an eatery. It has a great story behind it, very attractive decor, amazing location, and a unique menu.

Its weak point is that it lacks a strong online and social media presence. It only has a Facebook page which isn’t updated regularly. It also does not have an Instagram page. Furthermore, its management does not believe in paid advertising either through online or offline channels.

Our goal was to come up with a strong proposal containing well-defined social media strategies, in order to convince our client of the value of engaging in social media to market the brand.

How Can Social Media Help The Coastal Settlement?

We believe that it can help:

  1. Create greater awareness of the brand, especially beyond the local community of Changi.
  2. Attract customers from nearby sailing and golfing clubs, or families exercising in the area with their children
  3. Receive and respond to online feedback.
  4. Turn loyal customers into advocates.
  5. Increase Zero Moment of Truth for the brand.

What Are Our Main Objectives of this Project?

As mentioned above, we hope to come up with a proposal that contains sound social media strategies which will help the brand better market itself and connect with its customers. We also want to help the management realise the effectiveness of marketing through social media.

Specifically,  we can help the management respond to social media comments and reviews professionally, attract more followers on its Facebook page, the creation of an Instagram account with unique content, and the monitoring of sentiment about the brand.

What Are Our Main Messages We Want to Deliver?

That The Coastal Settlement is a cosy, retro-themed restaurant which will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of city life to the seaside.

That it is a perfect place to hold weddings, parties, and corporate events. It is also a place that allows people to relax, especially those who are hanging out nearby after a day of activities

Finally, it is a place for anyone who wishes to study, conduct meetings, or work away from home.

Analysing Our Target Groups

We hope to find out more about our target groups through interviews, observational studies, online surveys, and focus groups.

Feasibility of Media Platforms and Analysis of Data Received

We plan to use the usual social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and also food review platforms such as HungryGoWhere and Burpple.

We have seen the value of online journalism platforms like TheSmartLocal,, and LadyIronChef. Hence we will be looking at these platforms to push out content.

We hope to use platforms such as Social Bakers, Synthesio, and Facebook Insights to analyse the effectiveness of our social media platforms of choice.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our project in due time, Thank you!


– Group 1: Bryan Low, Christel Tan, Roy Chionh, Seraphyn See, and Zenavia Quek


Top opening essay award

We have four top opening essay award winners for COMM346, AY2017-18 Term 1.

From G1, the winners are Jun Kai and Melanie. Jun Kai’s opening essay was impressive as he brought up an interesting issue regarding the law industry and its digital adoption. Melanie’s essay created a strong impression of her keen interest in the digital world and her passion and curiosity within it.

From G2, Cheryl and Jonas won the award. They commonly shared their internship history in relevance to real struggles in the business process to make a fresh idea actually happen. Their stories were real and down-to-earth.

Jonas and Charyl

Please give congrats to the award winners, and don’t forget that there are still a lot of chances to get an award, as many surprises are still awaiting for this term.

Synthesio workshop at COMM346

Steven Zheng, the Regional Account Manager of Synthesio, APAC, along with his colleagues, Henry Chow and Kimly Anaissa, spoke about social listening (13, 14 September).  The workshop session was very informative and enlightening for the students as the presenters walked through all the demos and helped students get practical strategies for effective social media listening for their group project.


Everyone had fun and gained a better understanding of this global-scale social media tool.

Synthesio kindly offers two weeks of access to the account for each and every group in COMM 346.

If students want an extension of the access, they can ask Prof. Kyu for extra account for their own research.

Thank you so much Synthesio! And we hope this collaboration will continue for the mutual benefit of both academics and industries through sharing insights and knowledge in this digital world.

PS. Please share your feedback or queries regarding building dashboard etc., if any, via the comment thread attached to this posting. Thanks!

#DeleteUber, Why?

A former Uber employee’s disturbing claims of workplace sexism reignite calls to #deleteUber

One of our group projects looks at UBER as their choice of organization. So this news regarding their gender discrimination issue grabs my attention.

This issue came as moral issues regarding UBER, and its impact is getting increasingly bigger. And the criticism  seems to spread like a wildfire.
Uber is IT technology that looks smart and innovative. This kind of image and human values are are heavily related to “silicon valley liberal mainstream,” yet this sexism issue appears to clearly hurt their image and ignite a massive boycott,  which has disrupted their business.

Uber is not the only IT tech company who has faced this kind of criticism and boycotting. In its early days, Google also faced a similar sexism issue with the revelation of an internal document by an anonymous staff member .

A Google employee inflames a debate about sexism and free speech

How do you think this ethical consumerism, especially regarding gender sensitivity, could be managed on social media and through effective engagement with the public?

What kind of follow-up messages should be heard by the consumers?

What makes this kind of issue one of moral inequity and social injustice beyond mere gender politics?

Hope to see your thoughts and comments! Any thoughts would be welcomed.



Please introduce yourself to your classmates! Show the real you!

Hi Guys,

I am impressed by the effort you put into our opening essay overall.

I could read your hearts and minds, and your passion about this course.

I just want to share some thoughts for your better engagement with readers, for instance, you might have to write this kind of essay to demonstrate your interests to concerned parties in a real-life business or academic project.

I have seen a lot of overlap in your essays—that is some boilerplate quotes and conventional stances regarding social media.

These are some examples below,

  • Social media can empower us in many ways…
  • I will like to be able to gain more in-depth knowledge on social media to help individuals and organizations to achieve their goals….
  • We need to embrace social media revolution….

Other than just stating about the change in the WORLD, please say something more on yourself and go straight to the points as your reader/audience would be able to pay only limited time to read your content as they’re bound to have been bombarded with content.



Another issue I saw in a lot of essays across the board is that your personal connection to or investment in the issue was not explained.

For example, many students seemed to pick F&B as their choice of organization as this business category appears to be most affected by the social media engagement and digital marketing.

But F&B is a hard sell, and you need to invest more time and effort as to questions—why F&B? and in what ways do you think you are relevant to this issue and capable of the problem solving, if any? Other than just stating a dry fact that F&B need social media, please expand on why YOU are interested in and why it is important to YOU.


Be personal and unique! Just be yourself and be real. In that way you will be the most creative and interesting person you can be.


One way to show more of your personal investment and unique critical thinking is to raise questions about things you find confusing or troubling regarding the issue.

Or you can state your personal history and experiences where you’ve realized the importance or value of your social media.

Or you could simply confess that you don’t fully understand or agree with a general consensus, such as “social media is increasingly important in our lives!”

If you want to confront conventional beliefs, you’ll have to think through your reasoning to convince yourself and others, right? That can be a great way to show personal engagement with the issue and find concerns worth exploring.

This courses might provide you some insights and rationale why or why NOT social media is important or might NOT be that effective way to your business and personal goals thus things should be turned around.

To me, social media is an effective communication tool to understand the “change” in society, “changes” in the way people think and behave. I have seen social media empower us as it provides a personal broadcasting channel, so people now tend to think in a more “self-centric” way than ever.

Also as we are more connected. We are responding to social issues more timely manner. However, issues can be volatile, and thus it is very hard to create sustainable relationship with one another.

So I continue to update this course with more diverse real-life cases, and more in-class activities and assignments will be given to create engagement and connect your personal interests with the class content. The readings are more of a classic framework or baseline, as fundamental and critical questions remained unsolved, but my in-class lecture materials are updated with more diverse and current real-life issues and cases.

Also, I updated my lecture slides with more text than previous ones to help your easy understanding about the content. Yet, visual aids also will be provided to draw quick attentions and intuitions to the content. And this approach is aligned with how infographics serve these days.


Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible.


My aim for this class is to help students to be more STRATEGIC on social media, to be both “fascinating content makers” as well as “strategic relationship managers” simultaneously.

I believe we could be and should be both attractive and wise with our social media strategies… and we can learn through examining a diverse range of previous cases and principles and frameworks.

What were the initial questions that opened social media era, what were the issues and concerns society had to face with the advent of social media, and what are still ongoing and unsolved issues?

Please introduce yourself with regards to your “interest” and personal “history” regarding this class’ main topics encompassing MNC’s global marketing, political comm, crisis comm. and small and medium-sized enterprises and so forth.

There is no right or wrong way to express yourself on social media, but we all know there always attractive things and boring things in the eyes of social media audience. Similarly, keep your audience in mind as you introduce yourself.

Don’t waste your space and words just to portray really obvious and general things about social media. Don’t be too unnecessarily lengthy. Keep it simple and to the points in accordance to your audiences’ attention span.

Do be genuine and sincere, which will help your audience connect with you.