Impact of Social Media on Wall Street

Recently, reality TV personality Kylie Jenner posted a casual opinion of how she has started fancying Snapchat (a multimedia social messaging app) slightly lesser off late. Little did she know that it would cause shake the ‘Snap’ stock price by a massive 6% and cause losses worth $1.3 billion for investors. This example goes on to prove how much social  media – and it’s protagonist celebrities – can influence a brand’s goodwill and popularity. Any news spreads like wildfire and is spared by no users opinion and comment. Bad publicity on social media can prove to magnify the problem exponentially. Thus, companies must be aware of the dangers bad social media publicity can have towards it brand as well as disaster recovery tools to mitigate the problems when they occur.

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Social Analytic Provider Exmart CEO visits COMM346

Big data analytic company Exmart collaborates with COMM346.


On January 31 and February 1, Exmart Founder and CEO Kazuhiro Gokyu visited and spent time with COMM 346.



CEO Gokyu presented Exmart’s fascinating ten-year history of specialized data solutions, including data extraction, transformation and utilization, and social listening strategies. He described how such tools are utilized for major global clients such as Daikin. After watching a Channel News Asia documentary video on digital fundraising – featuring CEO Gokyu – the COMM 346 group and its valuable guests participated in a workshop session about data extraction and R analytics.

In addition, Exmart’s Shane Low, in charge of both project management and strategic sales, offered a brief introduction of Exmart applications, demos and work assignments. He described how over the previous few months, Exmart had worked with researchers from NTU, NUS and SMU, seeking “to automate much of the data work which is manual and tedious so that researchers can focus on generating key insights and drawing novel inferences.” Shane further explained how important this is to collaboration with clients, and of course, to retaining them.

COMM346 G2’s Josh HO Xian Zheng was one of many who commented that they found the session interesting and that it furthered their “learning about the workings behind social analysis.”

Exmart sees candidates for its internship programs, which benefit students via generous stipends and learning opportunities on various social analytic toolkits. For further details please email Shane Low,




Ever since the advent of social media, various agencies have used the platform to manipulate the stock market. By spreading false, exaggerated and unfounded news, investors have been seen to get influenced and wrongly take buy/sell decisions. Since social media is so popular and prevalent nowadays, any news – whether true or not – is sensationalized and spreads within seconds. Hence, it is crucial to consider the source and credibility of news we read, before taking investing decisions.