Brand Journalism – yay or nay?

I came across this online article which is relevant to our class discussion on 14 March.

… we have no interest in working with content creators. Journalism is a calling and people are putting trust in you to study something and make a judgement. But if it’s someone who is getting money from a company to write five articles saying how awesome something is. Will anyone read that? No of course not. 

I think that brand journalism will continue to be a communications strategy in the near future. The rise of fake news and proliferation of sites such as States Times Review show that more often than not, people do not question the credibility and reliability of the author. In Singapore, even when branded content on popular sites such as Seth Lui and The Smart Local include a disclaimer at the end of the article that it is a partnership / transaction with the featured client, online users continue to share the article as the uniqueness of the overall story matters more than whether it is exaggerated than what it actually is.


Snapchat & Kylie Jenner

Hi! I would just like to share an article I came across recently.

When was the last time you used Snapchat? For me, I have never been much of a netizen and did not even bother owning a Snapchat account. So it comes as no surprise that Snapchat is witnessing a decline in its active users as seen in the article here:

Snapchat’s Value Drops $1.3 Billion After 1 Kylie Jenner Tweet

The main reason why Snapchat is losing its popularity could be attributed to the redesign of its interface, which destroyed the familiarity people had for the app. Perhaps Snapchat wanted a new approach as Instagram had discreetly replaced the former with its Insta Stories, but the stark difference in Snapchat’s redesign did not sit well with its audience. The lesson to be learnt here would be that although social media is constantly changing and improving, social media platforms should still adapt to the needs and wants of their consumers instead of blindly chasing the goal of creating something different.

Furthermore, we can also observe how influencers on social media (Kylie Jenner in this case) have such a colossal impact on social media platforms as just one tweet could cause Snapchat’s value to drop by $1.3 billion. The power influencers have on social media platforms is not to be belittled, and hence it is essential to find out how to engage influencers in order to have them work in your favour.

That’s all I have to share for now! (:

P.S If you did not already know, you may check out the most liked photo on Instagram (also by Kylie Jenner) here: