Questions on PR & Employees Feedback on Social Media

Hi Prof and friends 🙂

I have some queries in mind:

  1. Regarding the integration of PR & marketing efforts eg by Starhub / SingTel. Both have very high market share on the telco segment in Sg. Telecommunication is part of a necessity too.  As such, how necessary is actually PR for these two (personally for me and I guess for most customers, what we look for is the quality of their service not much of their brand impression or something)? They could have allocated the resources more on winning in terms of quality from competitors perhaps?

2. Regarding today’s lecture on employees’ feedback may hamper the reputation of their former companies. I was wondering if such behaviour would backfire the employees instead? With the social media their posts & messages can be easily shared and perhaps, potential employers may also come to notice such posts. Would not this instead also hamper the reputation of this employee (or in a way ‘scare’ employers to hire him)?. Is there any better platform than social media or a more credible way to use the social media to bring about such issue to also increase credibility?


Thanks a lot 🙂