G1 Individual Project – KFit

Hi everyone! This post will be a summary of my Individual project for the semester, which analyses the performance of KFit through three of its social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  So what is KFit? KFit is a Uber-like fitness platform, founded by Joel Neoh – the ex-founder of Groupon. It gives usersContinue reading “G1 Individual Project – KFit”

G1 Group 3 A Better Florist

Hello everyone! My group (G3) and I will be presenting on A Better Florist, and here’s an overview to get you excited! A Better Florist is a Singapore-based self-funded flower e-Commerce startup founded by ex-Googler, Steve Feiner in May 2015. Steve saw an chance to disrupt the booming online floral retail industry, that was clutteredContinue reading “G1 Group 3 A Better Florist”