G1 Individual Project – KFit

Hi everyone! This post will be a summary of my Individual project for the semester, which analyses the performance of KFit through three of its social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

So what is KFit?

KFit is a Uber-like fitness platform, founded by Joel Neoh – the ex-founder of Groupon. It gives users access to the best fitness studios, classes and gyms in their respective cities. The company was founded with the aim of providing the most affordable fitness options for people.

KFit offers two membership subscription options – a monthly Fitness Pass membership at SGD 99/month, and a free membership where users “pay-per-use” for a service. KFit also recently launched its new Beauty and Wellness section, offering beauty services from over 100 merchants to complement their range of available fitness activities.

Initially, KFit offered its users an unlimited pass to a variety of fitness classes at SGD 99/month. However, it recently informed users of a new pricing structure, limiting memberships to 10 activities per month for the same rate, which is equivalent to SGD 9.90 per activity. If users want to attend additional classes, he or she would have to pay for it ‘a la carte’ on the app or website. This led to dissent among KFit’s users and many took to Facebook and Play Store to voice their concerns.

This change was initiated to aid KFit in ensure the sustainability of its business model without compromising the original goal of providing affordable fitness options. KFit may not be doing as well as it seems to be, racking in less subscriptions than needed to break-even or profit on their investments.

Research question

Hence, my research paper seeks to answer the following research questions: 

How is KFit using its social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) to gather attention and listen to what current and potential customer want?
And leveraging on that knowledge, how can KFit build better relationships with current users to retain brand loyalty, and improve brand perception to increase subscription numbers?

Data collection

My data collection mainly tracked the number of followers each platform has, number of daily posts and how many likes and comment each usually garners. This is to measure their brand awareness, engagement and perception among their users and followers.

While KFit enjoys consistent increases in following across all three online social media platforms, there is inconsistency in its posting and there is, in short, inefficiency in the utilisation of the platforms. In addition, I found that KFit does not promote a strong brand community, and there is a very weak emotional connection between the users and the brand, which may thus result in low brand loyalty and support. 

Recommended content

Therefore my recommended content will seek to help KFit build an emotional connection with existing and potential users, build and strengthen brand community, and improve customers’ perception towards KFit:

#MyKFitStory campaign
Medium: Instagram / Facebook

KFit can encourage users to share their experience with KFit and what made them start with the app. KFit can selectively pick out the more heart-wrenching or relatable posts, contact the respective KFitters and share it on their Facebook and Instagram. This will gather more people who may be going through the same issues, and would see KFit as a solution to aid them. Through this, it would also strengthen emotional connection between users and the brand, as well as the brand community as they seek comfort and advice from one another.

#PeopleofKFit campaign
Medium: Blog / Facebook / Instagram

#PeopleofKFit is developed with the idea of introducing the humans behind KFit, be it the staff or the various partners, to humanise the brand. Using their Facebook or Instagram, KFit can occasionally share a story from one of KFit’s staff since they are also the brand ambassadors. They can also post “A Day in the Life of…” series via Facebook to show users what goes on behind-the-scenes.

 On the blog, KFit can share posts about instructors in the partner studios, and share their story about how they discovered the sport and why they picked the particular studio. They can also do introductory posts for every new partner coming on board – to put a face to the studio.

Medium: Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Firstly, riding on the trend of Snapchat where most of KFit’s target audience is on now, KFit can customise their own location filter for users and partners’ instructors to post short snippets of their experience with a particular KFit activity etc. #MyKFitness is developed with the idea of not only humanising the brand, but also to make use of UGC for potential subscribers to have a peek into how it could be like for them.

Secondly, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day (WMHD) KFit can collaborate with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) to promote greater awareness of its services. Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help reduce anxiety and improve moods. By associating itself to a cause so relevant to its activities will definitely help create emotional connections with users who suffer from mental illnesses and portray KFit in a positive light.

In addressing the research questions as well as the objectives mentioned, hopefully the proposed strategies will help KFit leverage on the information they have on hand to build better relationships with current users to retain their loyalty, and improve brand perception to increase subscription leads.


G1 Group 3 A Better Florist

Hello everyone! My group (G3) and I will be presenting on A Better Florist, and here’s an overview to get you excited!

A Better Florist is a Singapore-based self-funded flower e-Commerce startup founded by ex-Googler, Steve Feiner in May 2015. Steve saw an chance to disrupt the booming online floral retail industry, that was cluttered with exorbitant prices, stale products, and a dizzying array of boutiques and arrangement, and he took it. A Better Florist thus aims to differentiate itself with the unique value proposition of “giving and receiving flowers as a simple, affordable and beautiful experience”.

Considering that A Better Florist was founded less than a year ago, our group thinks that its accumulation of a relatively strong following on its Instagram and Facebook accounts are commendable. However, we have identified a lack of community engagement, reflected by infrequent updates and similarity in content to competitors’. As A Better Florist is in the business of selling products with strong emotional values, we believe that community engagement is a key success driver that will allow them to tighten relationship with existing customers and reach out to new segments. Through our surveys conducted, we were able to further assess behaviours and preferences of the target customer segment.

Based on results from our primary and secondary research, we have come up with 3 main objectives we aim to achieve with our recommended strategies:

  1. Improve A Better Florist’s brand awareness
  2. Provide A Better Florist and its customers with an effective feedback loop
  3. Increase the retailer’s social media following.

Our group also came up with a few long-term strategies  around the theme of “Happiness Guaranteed”, namely:

  • To restructure their usage of social media platforms;
  • “Share Your Story” initiative
  • Developing an effective feedback channel

For the restructuring of their usage of social media platforms, we would like to provide A Better Florist of a brief guideline of the main content of each individual platform to ensure that they are utilised effectively. As for the “Share Your Story” initiative, we would like to introduce an on-going video initiative where potential customers who have special occasions coming up will be invited to share their personal stories with the appeal of a possible free bouquet and filming of their special moments through blasts on all their social media platforms. A Better Florist will be selecting a story once every two weeks, working closely with the chosen participant to plan out their course of action before the actual execution of the surprise plan. An edited video will be subsequently uploaded to YouTube and shared on A Better Florist’s social media platform including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, while it’s an ongoing campaign, the frequency can be decreased after we get the initial impact so as not too tire out the audience.

Here’s a sneak peek of our proposed initiative shoutout:


Finally, for the development of a more effective feedback channel, customers will be guided to their “Talk To Us” page on their website to leave any feedback that they may have, in the delivery confirmation email after purchases. This is to ensure a centralised link between A Better Florist and its customers. Upon collating and reviewing the feedback, customers with positive reviews will be contacted and offered a discount off their next purchase while negative feedback will be addressed privately and immediately.

In conclusion, we believe that A Better Florist has the potential to achieve beyond what they have now and we hope that by magnifying the emotional aspect of their products, we will be able to successfully create an engaged community and consequently evoke top-of-mind recall of its brand when its target segment is making a purchase decision on flowers.

To learn more about our ideas, please look forward to our presentation in class! 🙂

Francesca, Sandra, Annabella, Dorab, Melissa