G2 Group 8 – The Evolution of Barbie

Background Launched in March 1959, Barbie has sold more than a billion Barbie dolls since its inception, making it one of Mattel’s most profitable lines. Ruth Handler, the woman credited for having brought the idea of Barbie to life, declared that she created Barbie to show little girls that through Barbie, they could be anythingContinue reading “G2 Group 8 – The Evolution of Barbie”

G2 – What Flavour Do You Favour?

Hi guys! Thought I would share one of my favourite campaigns by Cadbury that used social media in a fun and creative way to raise awareness for its Dairy Milk brain in Australia. Challenge Cadbury was facing: Chocolate industry was getting increasingly saturated and Cadbury was not doing enough to sell its Dairy Milk brand, which was henceContinue reading “G2 – What Flavour Do You Favour?”