G1 Group 1: The Coastal Settlement

Hi guys! Here’s an update on our project! The Coastal Settlement The Coastal Settlement (TCS) is a casual dining, vintage-themed restaurant and bar located along the Coast of Changi. It was established by The Urban Group under the management of The Lifecycle Concepts Group in 2011 (Appendix A). It primarily serves Asian and Western fareContinue reading “G1 Group 1: The Coastal Settlement”

Group 1 – The Coastal Settlement

Hi everyone! We’re Group 1 from G1 and our organisation of choice is The Coastal Settlement. What is The Coastal Settlement? It is a vintage-themed restaurant/cafe/bar located near the coast of Changi. It was established in 2011 under the Urban Group Company and was the first cafe to be set up along Netheravon Road. WhatContinue reading “Group 1 – The Coastal Settlement”