Is omnichannel marketing ideal for companies?

Hi all!

I came across omnichannel marketing in a book by Philip Kotler pertaining Marketing 4.0 and I thought it will be interesting to get your views about it. According to Philip Kotler, omnichannel marketing is defined as the practice of integrating multiple channels to create a seamless and consistent customer experience. Examples of it include Tesco’s virtual store of grocery store shelves in subway stations, enabling busy customers to shop online, without visiting the brick-and-mortar store.

The author suggested that omnichannel marketing as one of the ways in which companies can capitalise to increase commitment (i.e. increasing conversion rate of ask to act). However, in my point of view, omnichannel marketing can potentially cannibalise existing retail sales, given that we are channelling our potential customers to online stores. As online shopping is deemed to be more convenient and faster, the same pool of customers may be attracted to resort to online shopping rather than offline shopping.

What are your thoughts on this? Is omnichannel the way to go?