Individual Social Media Project – Dessert Brands

Hi everyone! Here is a summary of my social media project on local dessert brands in Singapore. Overview and Research Question The importance of Instagram for food brands and businesses cannot be overstated. We prefer visuals to text and we want pictures that showcase the brand’s purpose and philosophy, not just an advertisement. We alsoContinue reading “Individual Social Media Project – Dessert Brands”

Managing branded posts

Hi all! 3 months ago, Adidas and popular social media influencer Andrea Chong were caught up in a social media fix regarding Chong’s participation in the Standard Chartered race. In the photo posted by Chong, she is seen wearing a Standard Chartered Bib while running the marathon (see photo here: There were rumours that sheContinue reading “Managing branded posts”

Yelp employee fired for open letter to CEO

Hi everyone, I came across this interesting piece of news and thought I should share it here. A Yelp employee lost her job just two hours after a social media posting about her struggle to make ends meet. Working as a customer service representative, the employee claimed that her low pay meant that she hadContinue reading “Yelp employee fired for open letter to CEO”