Individual Project G1 – Fitness First

Hi everyone, I’m Daniel from G1, and I have chosen to analyse the three social media platforms that Fitness First adopts to engage with its customers and target audience. The company has undergone a major brand transformation from 2013-2015, with a new logo rolled out in 2014. The company has invested significant amounts of moneyContinue reading “Individual Project G1 – Fitness First”

SMRT by G1 Group 6

SMRT Corporation is a public transport operator incorporated on March 6, 2000, as a result of an industry overhaul to form multi-modal public-transport operators in Singapore. It is the main provider of public transport in Singapore, operating bus, rail, taxi and other public transport services via several subsidiaries.  In recent years, SMRT has had trouble withContinue reading “SMRT by G1 Group 6”