Individual Project – Dating apps industry

Hello everyone! This post will be on a short summary of my individual research project. I have chosen to analyse the Facebook strategies of 3 companies mainly Tinder, Paktor and Coffee Meets Bagels. Introduction: As you guys know, with everyone owning a smartphone nowadays, the dating apps industry is gradually becoming a billion dollar industryContinue reading “Individual Project – Dating apps industry”

G2-Group 5- The Book Cafe

Hello everybody! Our group has decided to choose The Book Café to research on for our group project. The Book Café has been open since 2000 and is not just a typical cafe serving food. It is a book-themed café that provides a diverse range of reading materials, which means that customers can browse throughContinue reading “G2-Group 5- The Book Cafe”

Importance of customer service on social media?

Stumbled across this Facebook post and it reminded me of what we learnt in class where providing good quality customer service is essential for companies as customers are going online to air their complaints. But then,  questions arise in my mind, do established restaurants and cafes need customer service on social media? would the reputations of McDonaldsContinue reading “Importance of customer service on social media?”