Helping Brunswick Slay Its Giants

Hello Prof and friends! This is my summary of my individual report done on a company close to my heart- Brunswick. Having been a bowler for the past 12 years, my knowledge of the sport and industry has been put to good use in this paper. As Bowling is a technical sport, I have doneContinue reading “Helping Brunswick Slay Its Giants”

Social Media: The Cornerstone of Financial Firms in the 21st Century

Hi class, Just wanted to share this article that I came across. We all know the impact of social media on firms especially those in the FMCG sector, but its interesting how this article shows us how social media is becoming increasingly important even to Financial firms. The example brought up is Ritholtz Wealth Management and this companyContinue reading “Social Media: The Cornerstone of Financial Firms in the 21st Century”