Malaysian Airlines Berhad: Social Media Research Report

Hi everyone, my name is De Zhong and my research report is on Malaysia Airlines Berhad! Dang dang dang! That’s right, the airline carrier which unfortunately got thrown into the spotlight after 2 of its planes met with unfortunate incidents. Well, it has been a trying time for MAS (I’m gonna call it that fromContinue reading “Malaysian Airlines Berhad: Social Media Research Report”

2 Workers dead, does SMRT care?

Recently, 2 workers died in an incident whilst at work on SMRT train tracks. While much discussion has been made regarding SMRT’s current safety measures, I am appalled by what I see in the following screenshot: It can be noted that this response on social media (Facebook) is considered within the realm of crisis communication,Continue reading “2 Workers dead, does SMRT care?”

Aly & Fila and Zouk: The Chronicles of The Malaysian VIP

Many things get blown up online. And when a prominent DJ, with many followers and fans tells the world on Social Media that you’re “lame”, using the Denial tactic and Minimisation technique will only cause more damage to your brand reputation. As according to the link above, a popular DJ was playing at Zouk.Continue reading “Aly & Fila and Zouk: The Chronicles of The Malaysian VIP”