G1 Group 3 Sentosa Development Corporation

Hello Prof and classmates! Cliff, Yashanti and Dion here reporting on behalf of the State of Fun, Sentosa! *Salutes* Here’s a quick summary of our presentation. Building the Dragon’s Favourite Playground Our client is the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) which manages and promotes the attractions on Sentosa and the focus of our project was toContinue reading “G1 Group 3 Sentosa Development Corporation”

G1 (Group 3) – Sentosa Development Corporation

Background The organization our group has chosen to conduct our project on is Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC). Specifically, we will be assessing their most recent marketing campaign ‘The State of Fun’ by comparing their stated goals and actual results. To provide some context, the SDC was established in 1972 and is tasked mainly with overseeingContinue reading “G1 (Group 3) – Sentosa Development Corporation”