G2 Individual Social Media Project: O School Ltd

Background O School Ltd, a pioneer dance studio in Singapore, is well known for its instructors who possess top notch skills in their own respective styles and thus providing classes of the utmost professional levels. Other than providing classes for people who are already well-versed in dance, O School Ltd also provides classes for beginners.Continue reading “G2 Individual Social Media Project: O School Ltd”

G2 Group 6: Boost Juice Bars Singapore

Originating from Australia, Boost Juice Bars is an international retail chain that has over 350 stores operating in 17 countries. Boost Juice Bars have managed to establish themselves as a healthy brand, taking pride in offering healthy and nutritious products to consumers. Boost Juice Bars Singapore (BoostSG) first started out in November 2006 and hasContinue reading “G2 Group 6: Boost Juice Bars Singapore”