G2 Group 7 Pokka

BACKGROUND Established in 1977, Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Limited supplies the Asia Pacific region with  a wide range of beverages. Though their coffee and tea came in first, their 2015 overall ranking in the Food & Beverage Industry was third place. THE MAIN ISSUE Our survey findings identified a significantly low level of awarenessContinue reading “G2 Group 7 Pokka”

G2 Pokka (G7)

Company Background Pokka Corporation (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1977 by Pokka Corporation, headquartered in Japan. Based on the recent research by Euromonitor, Pokka was ranked 3rd in terms of market share in the soft drink industry, with Coca Cola Singapore and F&N clinching the first and second spot respectively. The soft drink marketContinue reading “G2 Pokka (G7)”

Social Media is not only changing how businesses work, its also changing you

During last two week’s classes, it was mentioned that Facebook took over Myspace to become the current leading social media site. I believe that this is a “winner takes all” industry due to the network effect; it connect many users irregardless of geographic locations which helps to build a large database that competitors have difficultyContinue reading “Social Media is not only changing how businesses work, its also changing you”