Group 14. NKF: It’s time to make a come back

What’s the problem? NKF at a glance NKF is the largest kidney foundation in Singapore, helping ~2/3 of the total number of kidney failure patients in Singapore. Their work involves: promoting kidney transplants providing quality, subsidized dialysis treatment increasing public awareness on Kidney failure and conducting health screenings. Controversy Before 2004, NKF was a high-profiledContinue reading “Group 14. NKF: It’s time to make a come back”

No such thing as bad press?

We discussed topics such as network effects, diffusion of innovation and the evolving trend of corporate landscape through social media in Week 3’s session. I was particularly interested on the case about online activism to boycott A&F due to its CEO’s discriminatory press release. While there is nothing wrong about segmenting and targeting the consumerContinue reading “No such thing as bad press?”