Zalora (G2 Individual Project)

Introduction Maybe some of you may have heard of Zalora, or even are loyal customers to them. Zalora is an online fashion retailer in Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore. Basically, we are able to shop and purchase fashion items from Zalora online and have them delivered to us. Zalora has seen a rapid growth, as muchContinue reading “Zalora (G2 Individual Project)”

#EarthHour so let’s fight (huh, what?)

Hello everybody! So as you may know, Earth Hour is happening in about 2 hours time (8:30pm to 9:30pm SG). Well to be frank, I did not know Earth Hour was happening today until yesterday only! How did I find out? On Social Media. The above post appeared on my Twitter. I saw the hashtagContinue reading “#EarthHour so let’s fight (huh, what?)”