G1 Individual Project (WildAid)

Hi Prof and course mates! Introduction I’m Kenneth and this is a short summary of my individual project on WildAid’s social media strategy. I chose WildAid because conservation is something that I am truly passionate about and I feel that the organisation has been doing some really wonderful work. They currently have 8 programmes andContinue reading “G1 Individual Project (WildAid)”

G2 Group Project – GoPro [updated]

Hi everyone! I’m Kenneth from the GoPro group, and here’s what our project’s all about! Introduction GoPro is America’s fastest-growing digital imaging company, and it “makes the world’s most versatile cameras” . Founded in 2002, it has sold approximately 20 million devices worldwide (GoPro, 2016). GoPro sells action cameras that sees a lot of useContinue reading “G2 Group Project – GoPro [updated]”

LTA’s Journey Video

Hi everyone! Recently LTA uploaded a video onto Facebook: Journey What does a bus ticket mean to you? To this couple, it goes beyond something transactional – it's the ticket to the ride of their lives together. Watch as their feelings blossom into an enduring love that transcends time and boundaries.#SGBusJourney Posted by Land TransportContinue reading “LTA’s Journey Video”