G1 Individual Research Project – UBER

Hello to all! I hope everyone is pressing on towards the end of the semester. (: The organization I chose for my individual project is UBER, and I’m sure many of us are familiar with it and its wonderful services. Through my analysis of Uber and its performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I haveContinue reading “G1 Individual Research Project – UBER”

Proposal Summary – The Body Shop

Hi class, Our group has chosen to present on The Body Shop in our Social Media Research Project. A brief history of Body Shop – it was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 after she had visited a shop of the same name in Berkeley, California selling naturally-scented soaps and lotions. Since then, The BodyContinue reading “Proposal Summary – The Body Shop”

Rebecca Lim’s “Retirement”

Yesterday, Singaporean actress Rebecca Lim posted on her Facebook page “I’m all set and I’m retiring.”. The post generated a great amount of interest with over 4,000 likes, 222 shares, and many fans commenting their well wishes for her future. However, last evening, she posted again on her page with a video with details aboutContinue reading “Rebecca Lim’s “Retirement””