#DeleteUber, Why?

A former Uber employee’s disturbing claims of workplace sexism reignite calls to #deleteUber https://www.recode.net/2017/2/20/14666572/uber-sexism-susan-fowler-delete-uber One of our group projects looks at UBER as their choice of organization. So this news regarding their gender discrimination issue grabs my attention. This issue came as moral issues regarding UBER, and its impact is getting increasingly bigger. And theContinue reading “#DeleteUber, Why?”

Please introduce yourself to your classmates! Show the real you!

Hi Guys, I am impressed by the effort you put into our opening essay overall. I could read your hearts and minds, and your passion about this course. I just want to share some thoughts for your better engagement with readers, for instance, you might have to write this kind of essay to demonstrate yourContinue reading “Please introduce yourself to your classmates! Show the real you!”