Let’s start a conversation about group project

Hello everyone, As we move on to the group project phase, please participate in our class blog under the group assignment category. It would be great if you could include “name of the organization”, “brief overview of the organization”, and “why you select this particular organization” in your post. This will help other students getContinue reading “Let’s start a conversation about group project”

Please join the conversation!

Other than my previous postings, you can also contribute to discussion forum by posting interesting questions and current issues/information related to social media.  Also, if you’ve decided on a topic for your individual project you can present it to the class via the individual project category on the class blog and seek any advice orContinue reading “Please join the conversation!”

Discussion: criticism for social exchange theory?

During our class, we briefly talked about criticism for social exchange theory. Do you think social exchange theory is far-fetched in terms of its over-gerneralized description of users’ motivations for social media use? If so, what is your rationale? Otherwise, in what ways can this theory retain persuasive power? Can you provide any relevant examples?