Disscussion: Your thoughts on cultural imperialism?

Q: What do you think of cultural imperialism in terms of social media adoption? In the context of Singapore, some argue it is prevalent phenomenon where people tend to prefer Western-based social media (e.g.,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instragram etc.) over local or Asian based social media (Wechat, Line or so). If you agree or don’t agree, whatContinue reading “Disscussion: Your thoughts on cultural imperialism?”

Q &A: Can Whatsapp be defined social media?

Discussion points that arose from previous lectures Q: Can Whatsapp be defined social media although it is frequently used for private chatting between two people? A: “Social media are electronic communication platforms that convey content generated and exchanged by networks of users” (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). According to the academic definition, Whatsapp might be consideredContinue reading “Q &A: Can Whatsapp be defined social media?”

Case: handling negative WOM- DELL HELL to DELL HUG

Question from the students’ feedback- “More real life examples based on the theory being discussed. E.g., if a company want to prevent bad WOM by contacting the customers personally what real life examples are there? How did the company handle these kinds of problems?” My answer-The Dell Hell case would be a good example ofContinue reading “Case: handling negative WOM- DELL HELL to DELL HUG”