Individual Project – Deliveroo Singapore

Hi everyone! The company I chose is Deliveroo Singapore and I analysed their Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter page. Deliveroo is a UK based online food delivery service that allows consumers to order take outs from premium restaurants with an average delivery time of 32 minutes. Deliveroo Singapore is the company’s first foray outContinue reading “Individual Project – Deliveroo Singapore”

G1 Group 8 Pepsi

Hi All, This is Lynette from the Pepsi Group (G1) and this is what our project is all about! Introduction Pepsi is one of the world’s leading carbonated drinks and owns around 30% of the market share as of 2014 (NASDAQ, 2014).  Pepsi stands for music, sports and fun, and they strive to be atContinue reading “G1 Group 8 Pepsi”