G2 Individual Report – Swiss Watchmaking

Hi everyone! Hope finals have been treating you all well. I’m Melvin, from G2, and for my individual report, I have decided to look into an industry that I have an interest in: the Swiss watchmaking industry. As such, I decided to look at the Instagram accounts of 3 Swiss watchmaking brands, namely Swatch, TagContinue reading “G2 Individual Report – Swiss Watchmaking”

G2 – Group 5: The Book Café

Hi everyone! Our group’s target company will be The Book Café, a quaint little café situated conveniently in the heart of Singapore. It prides itself on its large selection of books that customers are free to browse, while enjoying a nice cup of handcrafted coffee in a relaxing ambience suited for customers to unwind inContinue reading “G2 – Group 5: The Book Café”

#freekesha #sonysupportsrape

Hi everyone! For those of you who use twitter and follow celebrity gossips, I am sure most of you would have seen the hashtags #freekesha and #sonysupportsrape. So what is this whole thing about? Isn’t the hashtag #sonysupportsrape slanderous to Sony? Well, in a sense, you may feel that it doesn’t after reading the originsContinue reading “#freekesha #sonysupportsrape”