Hi I am in Madrid now.

Hello dearest friends, I started my new academic journey at IE University in Madrid, which is one the fast growing and reputable University in Europe. I am so excited that I finally arrived in Europe with full of hopes and dreams about what the life in Madrid would be like. The city is amazing withContinue reading “Hi I am in Madrid now.”

Social Analytic Provider Exmart CEO visits COMM346

Big data analytic company Exmart collaborates with COMM346.   On January 31 and February 1, Exmart Founder and CEO Kazuhiro Gokyu visited and spent time with COMM 346.     CEO Gokyu presented Exmart’s fascinating ten-year history of specialized data solutions, including data extraction, transformation and utilization, and social listening strategies. He described how suchContinue reading “Social Analytic Provider Exmart CEO visits COMM346”

Business insights-Corporate hypocrisy

In many aspects, Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – activities have become an integral part of marketing. Examples abound: Body Shop is synonymous with eco-friendliness and appreciated as a “good” brand because it frowns on animal testing; Starbucks enjoys its liberal image via its social-contribution projects benefiting local communities, culture, the arts, and the environment.Continue reading “Business insights-Corporate hypocrisy”