Obtained from Singtel Facebook page

Singtel: From Nay to Yay

What is one thing that supports us in everything we do on a daily basis? Communication technology. Imagine if suddenly you have no access to telecommunication services, including your phone services, internet broadband etc… Die. See how important telecommunication is to our lives?

Singapore’s telecommunication industry is dominated by three firms, with Singtel leading the way with 4.1 million subscribers out of a total of 8 million, and remaining market share spilt between Starhub and M1. Many customers are very dissatisfied with the services the telecommunication companies (telcos) provide. Why do people hate something that is so essential to their lives? That’s what I want to find out in my individual project. I first explore the research question on why Singtel is unpopular. After understanding the problems, I will move on to explore the second research question on how Singtel can utilise its Social Media Platforms (SMPs) to improve its brand image.

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