Group 3 Group Project on LASALLE!!! #smusocialmediasingapore

Hi guys, Our group project is on LaSalle College of the Arts – the Arts school that is near SMU. We decided on this as our group project because we feel strongly for the lacklustre arts landscape in Singapore despite the government’s efforts to boost it. As a result, LaSalle, like NAFA, is facing a fallContinue reading “Group 3 Group Project on LASALLE!!! #smusocialmediasingapore”

PR OR Marketing OR PR AND Marketing?

Further to Valdy’s post on Queries on IMC (Week 3.1): “Furthermore, how can we able to distinguish an IMC campaign from just a traditional marketing advertisement? Would the fact that IMC campaigns are placed in social media platforms and are digital allow us to distinguish them?” Taking IMC in conjunction with COMM346 has given me a better idea ofContinue reading “PR OR Marketing OR PR AND Marketing?”