G2 Individual Research Paper | Singapore Children’s Society

Hi everyone! In all our discussions about social media strategies so far, we have often talked about communication in relation to private corporations. However non-profit organizations play an important role in our society as well, giving support and help to vulnerable groups in need. Learning about their commination strategies can help us better understand theContinue reading “G2 Individual Research Paper | Singapore Children’s Society”

G2 | Group 3 | American Apparel

Founded in 1989, American Apparel has an estimated 242 retail stores selling trendy basic apparel across 20 countries. Targeted at teenagers, the company was popular for its edgy image and ethical, Made-in-America production process that does not involve sweatshop labour. But in recent years, American Apparel has faced much controversy – consumer and employee dissatisfaction,Continue reading “G2 | Group 3 | American Apparel”