[Individual Project] Crocs Inc.

Hi everyone, I’m sure you have seen this footwear at least once in your life before. Yes, this footwear is from Crocs, and Crocs is the company that I have chosen for my Individual Project. Crocs is quite a widely known brand, but most people who know Crocs tend to have a negative sentiment towards the brand and think that Crocs is “anContinue reading “[Individual Project] Crocs Inc.”

Instagram’s New Update On The Way!

Hi all, Link: http://blog.instagram.com/post/141107034797/160315-news Instagram announced yesterday that they are testing a new update to their platform. Instead of posts appearing in a chronological order on the feed, it will now be in an order that reflects your interest and the people you interact most closely with. This means that posts that you might be interestedContinue reading “Instagram’s New Update On The Way!”