Individual Project -Beverage Industry.

Companies: Pokka, Yeo’s & F&N Seasons (Brewed Tea & Juices) Platform: Facebook Hi Guys! Most often we will happened to chance upon a television ad during festive seasons, such as the celebration of Chinese New Year and Christmas period. But, have you wondered if the social media platforms do play a crucial part in creatingContinue reading “Individual Project -Beverage Industry.”

Group1- Go Pro

  Hi Class! For us, we have chosen GoPro. Here’s a background of the company and why we would like to research about it 🙂 Background and Analysis of Organization: GoPro GoPro is America’s fastest-growing digital imaging company. They develop, manufacture and market high-definition action camcorders specializing in action videography and photography. The company currentlyContinue reading “Group1- Go Pro”