Zero Moment of Truth

  In Week 7, we watched and discussed McDonald’s Canada’s “Our Food Your Questions” program. Prof @qkyujinshim taught us about how messages should be self-serving, transparent radically and be real-time relevant. This reminded me of a similar campaign done by McDonald’s Singapore through brand journalism in making their fast food hipster/restaurant worthy. This video tapsContinue reading “Zero Moment of Truth”

IKEA: Traditional Ad. vs. Online Content

In class, we watched an IKEA ad to show the differences between traditional media and digital media. I felt that it was interesting and inspiring for IKEA to make their “makeover ideas” video with elements of traditional media seen in how it builds the brand image. IKEA subtly communicates that it is a progressive companyContinue reading “IKEA: Traditional Ad. vs. Online Content”

Does your perception of Tinder influence others?

Hi friends! I am writing this blog post to summarise our group’s project. We are doing an academic research, and the research question we are curious to study is how one’s perception of Tinder influences others. Our research is inspired by our curiosity regarding the fall from grace of Tinder – how it used toContinue reading “Does your perception of Tinder influence others?”