Media Case Analysis (Business) – Nasty Gal

Hi everyone! I have based my media case analysis on Nasty Gal. It is a fashion retailer based in the United States of America that specialises not only in clothing but accessories and shoes as well. Nasty Gal started off in 2006 as an eBay store by its founder, Sophie Amoruso, who sold old pieces of clothing. It’s firstContinue reading “Media Case Analysis (Business) – Nasty Gal”

Group 1: HIC JUICE

Hi everyone! My group (Jake, Bernadette, Trix, Sid and I) will be working on HIC JUICE as our organisation of choice for the group project. As health becomes increasingly important amidst the hectic lifestyles of people in Singapore, the popularity of juice cleanses have risen and cold-pressed juices have been taking our island by storm in the recent years.Continue reading “Group 1: HIC JUICE”

Please join the conversation!

Other than my previous postings, you can also contribute to discussion forum by posting interesting questions and current issues/information related to social media.  Also, if you’ve decided on a topic for your individual project you can present it to the class via the individual project category on the class blog and seek any advice orContinue reading “Please join the conversation!”