IKEA: Traditional Ad. vs. Online Content

In class, we watched an IKEA ad to show the differences between traditional media and digital media. I felt that it was interesting and inspiring for IKEA to make their “makeover ideas” video with elements of traditional media seen in how it builds the brand image. IKEA subtly communicates that it is a progressive companyContinue reading “IKEA: Traditional Ad. vs. Online Content”

Social Analytic Provider Exmart CEO visits COMM346

Big data analytic company Exmart collaborates with COMM346.   On January 31 and February 1, Exmart Founder and CEO Kazuhiro Gokyu visited and spent time with COMM 346.     CEO Gokyu presented Exmart’s fascinating ten-year history of specialized data solutions, including data extraction, transformation and utilization, and social listening strategies. He described how suchContinue reading “Social Analytic Provider Exmart CEO visits COMM346”

COMM346 AY2017-18 has finished all this term’s course-work

COMM346 has finished all this term’s course-work . Student presentations were held during Weeks 12-13.   Corporate executives from OhChaCha and Nine Fresh who are the clients of Alto Marketing – the digital consultancy – visited COMM346 and attended students’ pitch. OhChaCha executive directors received well the CSR ideas and video viral campaigns. The NineContinue reading “COMM346 AY2017-18 has finished all this term’s course-work”