Group 1: HIC JUICE

Hi everyone!

My group (Jake, Bernadette, Trix, Sid and I) will be working on HIC JUICE as our organisation of choice for the group project.

As health becomes increasingly important amidst the hectic lifestyles of people in Singapore, the popularity of juice cleanses have risen and cold-pressed juices have been taking our island by storm in the recent years. HIC JUICE is one of the most popular consumer’s choices.

We selected this organisation because it is a home grown brand that started out in 2013. Their usage of social media is not limited to only one platform but three in total. We want to analyse their usage of these platforms in relation to their entrepreneurial success.

We hope all of you will have a better understanding of the organisation after our presentation 🙂


2 responses to “Group 1: HIC JUICE”

  1. To add onto this – as Weina says, the popularity of juice cleanses is increasing.

    We want to analyze the way in which HIC JUICE promotes this trend on their social media platforms to increase their brand awareness. Something that’s also gaining popularity for businesses like HIC JUICE is the use of sponsorships and gaining presence and word of mouth through popular bloggers. HIC JUICE also create a kind of storytelling through their emphasis on their “HICmovement”, which also will be interesting to analyze how they integrate into their social networking sites.


    1. Very interesting topic and relevant to online marketing strategy #3 we covered in our class as nowadays internet creates a lot of life-mentors for the health-conscious audience in Singapore. And it seems like social media played a significant role in creating a new juice/product category related to health issue. Looking forward to hearing more about your project in W 10.1.


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