G2-Group 5- The Book Cafe

Hello everybody!

Our group has decided to choose The Book Café to research on for our group project. The Book Café has been open since 2000 and is not just a typical cafe serving food. It is a book-themed café that provides a diverse range of reading materials, which means that customers can browse through any of the several hundred local and foreign books, magazines, and newspapers available while having good food at the same time.

In addition, The Book Cafe offers a relaxed ambience and casual dining featuring an extensive cosmopolitan menu that reflects modern food trends. They also provide free Wi-Fi, electrical power-points, and an all-day breakfast selection. Since its opening, The Book Café has also hosted events including cocktail parties, club meetings, product launches, and various private events.

Being such a prestigious and exciting cafe, we thought that the Book Cafe would be very popular online amongst Singaporeans aged 17 to 35. However on further analysis, we found several problems with its use of social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and its website. For one, they lack followers on Facebook and Instagram, and they rarely update their social media platforms. Their website is also sorely unattractive, thus less appealing to youths today.

As such our research question is: How can The Book Café become the top hangout choice for youths, given that there is an increasing coffee culture and habit of café-hopping in our youth today?

In order to tackle our research question, our group will try to raise online awareness of The Book Café, re-modify their usage of social media to have more engagement online, improve their image, and increase brand loyalty as well. This is to reach out to more youths and to get them to frequent The Book Café more.

We look forward to sharing with all of you this Friday!

Group members: Leong Jia Qin, Loh Jia Wei, Melvin Toh, Tan Wan Ting, Darren Chong



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