A worrying trend

Hi everyone,

Everyone knows how social media has the power to keep you connected with your community of friends and followers. But for individuals unsound of mind and/or psychological state, it can turn into both a source of frustration (seeing their communities portray the happiest part of their lives) and a platform on which to vent their feelings.

All of us are aware of recent gun violence on American campuses caused by teen shooters frustrated with life and thinking they have no way out. San Bernadino, et. al. all had their warning signs – and increasingly, the latest red flags find their source in the attacker’s social media accounts. The latest threat posed was as early as yesterday – when schools in Howell, North Carolina were closed due to a threat emerging out of social media – in this case, via Twitter. (Read all about it: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2016/02/29/social-media-threat-closes-howell-schools/81099052/)

I’m sure most of us have also heard how the FBI wants in on Apple user’s mobile phone data, all in the name of security. (Read more: http://fortune.com/2016/02/28/apple-fbi-budget-hoover/. Do read further links on this article as well)

Without dwelling too much on my own opinions, I’d love to see more discussion on this topic on our forum. Please do leave your thoughts on any of the following themes regarding the effects of social media on the psyche of individuals suffering from depression, and their use of social media as an avenue of venting (at best) or forewarning (at worst):

  • Privacy of social media accounts/smartphones
  • Tracking of threats (a digital humanitarians-esque task force to spot danger?)
  • Mobilising gun-control movements or Second Amendment support groups
  • The role of companies and governments

Thanks! Apologies for bringing up such a sobering topic, but given the situation over in the US, I believe it is a relevant topic for us to have some discourse on.

Shivin (G1)

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