G1 | Group 5 | Milo


Milo is a chocolate malt product of Nestle. It is popular in the regions of Asia, Africa and Oceania. Milo currently has a narrow target group for its current social media strategy, largely targeting parents with young children with nostalgic videos and young athletes. The adopted social media strategy also has a very narrow product focus, with efforts aimed mainly at the Milo beverage. The range of Milo products includes: Milo powder, 3-in-1 sachets, packet drink, canned drink, cereal, chocolate nuggets, energy bar, and ice cream.

Our group aims to find out how Milo can use social media to change the current perception of the brand and to engage a wider target audience. Through this study, our group expects to increase Milo’s brand awareness and improve Milo’s engagement with its customers.

Our group will do primary research and conduct a survey to find out the current perception of Milo. Our group will also do secondary research to find out more detailed information about Milo’s current social media strategy, its competitors, and the consumer behaviour of Milo’s target audience. After which, our group will analyze the data collected and use best practices from relevant cases of successful implementation of user-generated content to generate our proposed strategy for the Milo brand.

Prepared by : Shihui, Liyana, Jeslyn, Joannah and Brandon

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