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famous amos

Famous Amos was first established in Los Angeles in 1975 by Wallace Amos. After undergoing several buyouts, it is now a subsidiary under Kellogg Company. It offers a diverse range of cookies, muffins and brownies coupled with attractive gift packaging. There are Famous Amos outlets worldwide, including a total of 16 outlets in Singapore (as of February 2016). Its products can also be found in vending machines in United States of America and supermarket chains.

Famous Amos has to find ways to maintain relevance in a market where consumers are increasingly health conscious and have a wide variety of options to choose from. As Famous Amos’ target audience is catered mainly to young adults who have the spending power and tendency to buy cookies as gifts, there is a need to utilise social media to strengthen customer loyalty.

Research QuestionWith the changes in consumer preferences and an increasing variety of options available today, how can Famous Amos maintain its market position relative to its competitors?

We’ll be sharing more on our project in class on Friday so stayed tuned for our presentation!

Cheers 🙂

Dorothy Lee Chin Teng | Ko Yu Hui | Maisarah Ahmad Zohry | Tan Jing Yi | Toh Le Qi

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