G1 I Group 9 I Bata Singapore



Founded in 1897 in Czech Republic by Thomas G. Bata, Bata has since gained international presence with footwear as its core business. With constant innovation in design and product development, the company strives to excel in operational and commercial execution across its international presence.

Bata’s mass production enabled the company to sell shoes at “ridiculously low prices”. While initially contributing to their widespread success, their low prices have often created the misconception that Bata shoes are not durable, valuable and far from fashionable. In fact, many Singaporeans associate the brand with the acronym “Buy and Throw Away.”

Our group therefore aims to first analyse Bata’s social media preference before suggesting ways in which we can utilise social media to improve Bata’s brand perceptions.

Presented by Tran Que Hien, Irina Tan, Crystal Soh, Nam Nguyen and Amanda Yew

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