Majestic Social media

Hello Class!

How amazing is social media that even the Queen, at 90 years of age recognises the vast impact it has been able to achieve! To give more detail, she recently approved a relaunch of the royal website and has set up a YouTube and Twitter account to better engage the community and allow them to get a deeper understanding of her role and the British monarchy as a whole. The main purpose of the Royal Family’s Twitter account is to allow members of the general public to personally communicate with the family. Interestingly, the announcement of Prince William and Catherine Middleton was first done through their Twitter account: “The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton – Clarence House, November 2010”. Truly how times have changed. This shows how social media usage should not be limited to individuals, corporations and companies, but it also relevant for governments and ruling families. In fact, this example shows us the pervasiveness of social media and that many companies are still failing to engage their customers and the general public when they dismiss the importance of having a presence online or when they fail to use these platforms effectively. What a shame. Time to up their game.


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