Individual Project -Beverage Industry.

Companies: Pokka, Yeo’s & F&N Seasons (Brewed Tea & Juices)

Platform: Facebook

Hi Guys! Most often we will happened to chance upon a television ad during festive seasons, such as the celebration of Chinese New Year and Christmas period. But, have you wondered if the social media platforms do play a crucial part in creating awareness and influence your purchasing habits when you are looking for a drink?

As the beverage industry have always been one of the most aggressive brands on traditional marketing channels to influence purchasing habits, hence it would be interesting to evaluate how the three soft drinks companies uses the social media platform; Facebook to engage their customers.

Through the Facebook tracking, I managed to find out interesting facts on the effectiveness of the type of posts and how frequent a posts affect the users to react accordingly. Although, we are unable to evaluate directly if the sales do correspond with the social media platforms, it is very interesting where you get to understand how brands try to engage the users and constantly inform, remind and persuade them of the products they offer.

The key takeaway is to adopt the giveaway contest to generate awareness f their products. Secondly, companies should ensure posting regularly 1-2days, by providing timely and interesting content that is relevant to the Singapore context. These three companies had always been a familiar household brand in Singapore and it is definitely interesting to find out how they had used social media platform; Facebook to engage their customers.

I believe that’s the power of social media and how we are often influence by social media on our purchasing habits (such as, checking Facebook for reviews, promotions and giveaways)

Yep, so this will be what i would like to share with you guys 🙂

Tian Xin


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