G1 Individual Report – RWS

Hi everyone! I am Yu Nato from G1 and my individual report is about RWS’s social media strategies.

Research Question

How can RWS increase engagement with their customers through Social Media to improve brand loyalty?

Data Collection

In order to analyze their Social Media use, I followed their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from 19th Feb to 12th Mar. I used both manual checking and TrueSocial Metrics < https://www.truesocialmetrics.com> to make the numbers more certain.


Through social media tracking and analysis of RWS for three weeks, I found the following three points.

  1. RWS’s engagement level is still quite high on Facebook and Instagram. One interesting thing is that the best post on Facebook page was not uploaded onto Instagram page and vice versa. They are doing well on using each Social Media differently and efficiently. Also, they know Instagram followers particularly like creative and beautiful posts and they twisted up some, which led to great engagement.
  2. RWS employees’ communication with followers are quite close. The marketing team of RWScoop picks up some trends in RWS and writes articles, which are shared through social media. The profiles of marketing team members are written in the webpage so viewers feel close to them. On top of that, employees give “like” or comments through both RWS account and individual account toward viewers’ comments on posts. However, one point to rectify is that RWS sometimes missed out replying to comments with question marks. If this kind of lazy attitude becomes common, negative word of mouth would easily spread out, which leads to decrease in brand loyalty from their fan base.
  3. The notable weakness of RWS’s social media strategy is that their posts are not consistent and contents and the ways of posting are similar and boring. Let me take Instagram < https://www.instagram.com/rwsentosa/?hl=en> as an example because this social media is catching attention at a high speed. If you look through this page, you can understand two points. One is that RWS focuses onto people’s photos. Second would be their posts are inconsistent and we cannot get any message from them. Then please look through one of RWS’s competitor, Tokyo Disney Resort’ Instagram page < https://www.instagram.com/tokyodisneyresort_official/?hl=en>. Tokyo Disney Resort does not upload photos with people, but they are consistent in terms of the message strategy instead. Also, their ways of posting are must to emulate. All the posts are creative, full of love and dreamy, which is totally matching with their image, “Dreamland”. If RWS keeps uploading posts without consistency of their message, more and more customers especially regular visitors feel bored with RWS and unfollow their accounts. This can lead to negative reputations and a vicious cycle will happen. In order to combat this, the following media strategies can greatly help.


Overall, RWS’s social media usage has already reached a satisfying range but they have to think about their contents marketing so that all the contents look consistent and express a clear and strong message, which will foster their brand loyalty. That is why what I would like to suggest is to re-think about their IMC plan including Social Media Strategies. On top of that, catching up with new trends of advertising such as carousel ads or native advertising will prevent regular customers from getting tired of RWS’s way of advertising on Social Media.

Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy summer vacation!


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