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The company i have decide to work on is the shoe distributor — Schuh (pronounced ‘shoe’). They are based in the United Kingdom and their roots started out in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1981. Schuh specialises in selling shoes from famous brands as well as their own in-house products. With this, I have decided to analyse their social media usage on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Research Question

Since Schuh has many competitors in this industry be it businesses like Footlocker or renowned brands like Nike and Converse, there is an inherent need for Schuh to set themselves apart from their competitors.


Schuh takes on a friendly tone online and offline as seen from the fans’ comments. However, Schuh does not perform well on social media. Despite having at least a 144k followers on Twitter, they only achieve a engagement rate of approximately 10 engagements per tweet. On Instagram, they fare slightly better with 100 odd likes each time compared to the 53k followers they have. Facebook performs the best with an average of 12k people talking about Schuh at any given day.


In that regard, there is a need for Schuh to tackle their weakest spots, which is to increase engagement so that current fans and new users would be able to remember Schuh better.

For Instagram, there would be a hashtag campaign and a repost campaign separately. The hashtag campaign is targeted at recognising fans and the report campaign is to increase their fanbase.

For Twitter, it would mainly be Q&A based with fans asking Schuh questions, and for other people to review the products and service from Schuh.

For YouTube, since they have a low subscriber rate, the main objective would be to increase subscribers. This can be done so with a more regular release of content so that viewers have expectations about the types of videos Schuh would upload.

Lastly, for Facebook, there would be a game that is aligned with CSR objectives that targets mass consumer engagement.


Thanks for reading till the end! Have a great day!

Wan Rou

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