G2 – D’Good Cafe

Background of D’Good Cafe

D’good Café is a café located in Holland village and first started in October 15, 2012. The café is known for serving carefully crafted house-blend coffee. Besides serving a wide range of single-origin coffee beans, the café also stocks rare and exotic types of coffee in the world such as civet coffee, widely regarded as the most expensive coffee in the world. Their signature tagline, “Blend & Brew the way you like it” encompasses the café’s belief in giving its customers what they truly desire by giving them an opportunity to customise and name their own coffee blend.

Together with a commitment for excellence, D’good Café aims for “D’best” experience, starting from a good cup of coffee to good service, food and ambience. D’good Café was also built on the belief of making a positive difference in the community by offering job opportunities to the less privileged, giving rise to the café’s business values, integrity, loyalty and gratitude.

Apart from the coffee and the various social causes the café supports, what differentiates them from their competitors would be their unique theme. D’good Café has a laidback yet chic interior with four different settings – The Bar, The Lawn, The Attic and The Balcony. It even has an iconic swing inside the café, allowing for an enjoyable meal setting while providing for an unusual photo opportunity at the same time.

Therefore, the three main selling point of D’good Café that allows it to stand out from its competitors has been identified as the following.

  1. Customization of coffee blend
  2. Belief in making a positive difference in the community
  3. Interior and ambience of the café

Research Questions

  1. In what way does D’good Café use social media platforms to highlight its unique selling points?
  2. What can D’good Café do to translate its unique selling points to further differentiate itself to attract new customers and engage its current customers to improve brand loyalty?


Currently, D’good Café has been utilising its Facebook and Instagram to help boost its customer base, as evident from the high number of followers. The cafe was able to utilise Facebook and Instagram to create an attractive image that suits the theme of the cafe. Frequent updates are also posted on D’good Cafe’s Facebook and Instagram account with information about its new menu and events that was held in the cafe or endorsed by the cafe.

However, there is minimal engagement of its customers and fans on these platforms, as seen by the lack of likes, comments and shares on its post. Therefore, the café still has the potential to increase the awareness of its unique selling points and engage its current customers to improve brand loyalty by utilising these social media platforms more effectively. This is especially crucial in the light of the strong competition present in the local café scene.


Therefore, instead of just using social media as a platform to inform its customers, D’good Café can adopt the following strategies to build relationship with its customers and understand its customers better. The following two strategies suggested seeks to maximising D’good Café’s use of Facebook and Instagram to strengthen its branding, awareness of its uniqueness as well as to increase engagement with its current customers with the aim of establishing strong customer loyalty.

Strategy 1: #DGoodPhoto Contest

This strategy will provide a good opportunity for D’good Café to promote its unique interior and ambience through the photos that are uploaded by its fans. As a result, D’good Café can enhance its unique selling point and further differentiate itself from its competitors. #DGoodPhoto contest will also more likely encourage customers to keep coming back as the theme of the contest changes each month and thus establishing brand loyalty among current customers.

Strateegy 2: #DGoodCoffee Campaign

This strategy would create opportunities for the café to gain a deeper understanding of its customers’ preferences through the proposed brew as well as the comments that will be made on these posts. Furthermore, this campaign would increase the awareness of the café’s unique selling point of allowing customers to customise their own brew and thus further differentiate the café from the rest. #DGoodCoffee campaign would also facilitate the establishment of an online brand community among coffee enthusiasts, creating an identity and nurturing brand loyalty at the same time.


In conclusion, D’good Cafe has been effective in attracting followers to its Facebook and Instagram page. However it has been unable to garner likes for the content it post and encouraging its fans to like, comment or share its post. As such, the two strategies mentioned above are aimed at leveraging on its unique selling points to improve customer engagement and and interaction as well as establishing deeper brand loyalty at the same time. The social media platforms mentioned were carefully selected based on the users demographic on these platforms and the features unique to them that enable D’good Café to effectively reach out to its customers. Consequently, these strategies are aimed at helping to differentiate D’good Café from its competitors in the saturated industry and better engage its current customers in order to establish greater brand loyalty.

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