G2 Individual Social Media Project: O School Ltd


O School Ltd, a pioneer dance studio in Singapore, is well known for its instructors who possess top notch skills in their own respective styles and thus providing classes of the utmost professional levels. Other than providing classes for people who are already well-versed in dance, O School Ltd also provides classes for beginners. This shows that they cater their services to basically everyone who has an interest in picking up or improving in dance. O School Ltd is a social enterprise which was set up in 2006, with 3 social objectives they hope to achieve:

  1. To generate funds for low income Singapore youths to complete their secondary school education via City College
  2. To provide training and employment opportunities for talented youths
  3. To celebrate youth potential and talents via O School events

Presently, O School Ltd is located at *SCAPE, a “heartbeat of youth culture” in Singapore. O School Ltd offers 8-course classes for $130 and single open classes for $20 ($14 to members), prices which are relatively affordable to youths in Singapore today. It is thus evident that O School Ltd is extremely focused around target audience of youths, which can be especially seen from their young and energetic brand image.

Research Question

Is O School Ltd effectively making use of its social media platforms to portray itself as a social enterprise?


Currently, O School Ltd is taking a native advertising approach, whereby the content they post on each of their social media platforms are unique to the platform itself. Information of events and dance videos are being posted on Facebook, real-time updates of events and classes are being tweeted, and behind-the-scenes information and daily occurrences are being posted as pictures on Instagram.

The strategies used by O School Ltd are effective in creating engagement and word of mouth, it is not successful in building exposure as all the engagement and word of mouth are still maintained within the current dance community, the highly-involved group, and not getting out to other potential consumers.

Moreover, with regards to being a social enterprise, none of the content posted on any of O School Ltd’s social media platforms have anything to do with it being a social enterprise, meaning that  O School Ltd is not effectively branding themselves as a social enterprise.


i) Reinventing the message

Rather than focusing purely on the dance aspect of the organization, such as with the hashtag “#dancelah”, O School Ltd can reinvent the message to incorporate the societal aspect as well.  The new hashtag that I would suggest is “#danceforsociety”. This new hashtag would invigorate curious minds to investigate why “for society”, and it will also help portray the social cause of O School Ltd.


ii) Endorsements and Approval from raiSE and MSF

With the endorsement and approval from these highly reputable corporate sources, consumers will be more inclined to believe that the social cause of O School Ltd is more legitimate and essential, especially those customers who are lowly-involved. Upon seeing that such respectable and reliable organizations support O School Ltd, both highly and lowly-involved consumers will be more motivated to purchase their products as their belief and trust that the money will help the society is increased.


iii) “You can make a difference”

O School Ltd can film a video-blog of the where the money goes after leaving the consumers hands. For example, a video of how a child is able to study in a secondary school because of the funds that O School Ltd is providing can be taken. On top of this, it can also portray this child dancing, and adding in a documentary showing how while the funds are financially supporting this child, dance is supporting the child mentally and emotionally.


If O School Ltd is better able to make use of their social media to portray itself as a social enterprise, they will be able to leverage on the fact that people are willing to pay for a good cause, and pay more as well, to increase their revenues and help achieve their social objectives at a heightened result.

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